Modern Land Surveyors: Solving Land Disputes Between Neighbors Since 1785

It happens all the time. One neighbor wants to throw up a fence or a garage, and the other neighbor is screaming about how the first neighbor's intended structure is encroaching on the second neighbor's property. It is not surprising then, that such land disputes require some professional help. This professional help often comes in the form of a land surveyor, and here is what the surveyor does to help. Read More 

Tips For Businesses That Use Industrial Batteries

Industrial trojan batteries can represent a sizable investment on the part of your company. However, these batteries may be essential for powering the various tools and other devices that are necessary for your line of work. For many businesses, mistakes when it comes to using or storing batteries can lead to costly disruptions, malfunctions and other issues for the company. Appreciate The Problems Posed By The Phenomenon Of Self-Discharge It can be common for companies to need to store their batteries for fairly long periods of time before they are needed. Read More 

What You Should Do Before Hiring A Crane Service To Help On A Job

As a business owner, you will have to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to do the job right and in the most efficient amount of time. To do this, you might have to outsource some of the required work, such as the crane work. However, before you hire a crane services company, you will want to make sure that you are considering the following suggestions. Read More 

3 Safety Tips For Working With Glass Blowing Equipment

Glass blowing can be a wonderful hobby, and if you learn how to make certain things out of glass and become good at your craft, you could find that it is a great way to make money as well. However, before you can jump in completely, it's important to understand the major safety tips for working with glass blowing equipment. 1. Wear Safety Glasses First of all, it's important to protect your eyes when you're working with glass blowing equipment. Read More 

Custom Machining To Produce Parts For Your Custom Equipment

Machining parts from raw materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and other metals is often the only way to get a part for a custom project or specialty machine that you are using. If you have a machine or piece of equipment that was custom built to fill a specific need, then the parts used in it might not be readily available to buy off the shelf. You may need to consider having them made to meet the specifications of the originals parts by a machinist. Read More