Precast Concrete Products For Your Landscaping and Construction Needs

Concrete is a versatile product, and it can be used in a lot of different ways. We use concrete every day for so many things that it can be easy to not even realize it. Precast concrete is a great option for a lot of projects because it takes many steps out of the process and can help you finish your landscape or another project much quicker.

What Is Precast?

When you want to install something that is made of concrete but you do not want to build forms and pour the concrete yourself, you can opt to use a precast product. One of the most common precasts you might have seen is concrete steps going into a home. The stairs are made in a factory where they use a form and pour the concrete into it, let it cure, then remove the forms. The result is a set of stairs that is cast from concrete but instead of doing it on-site, they bring the finished product out and set it in place with a crane. The entire casting and production of the product is handled in the factory before the final product is delivered.

Common Precast Products

There are a number of common precast products that you might find useful in your project. Exterior steps or stairs, retaining wall systems, large solid slabs, and sound walls that are designed to block traffic noise from busy roads are just a few of the things that can be precast and brought to your property and installed where you need them. As well as these structural products, there are many landscape items that are also available. Water features, small pond liners, tanks, and pavers are all precast for you.

Where To Find Precast Products

The product you are looking for will dictate where you need to go to get it. Small items for the yard or landscaping projects are readily available at home centers and landscaping supply stores. Larger structural items will need to be sourced from the manufacturer like Pendleton Ready Mix Inc. If you want a septic tank, a retaining wall system, or another large item, contacting the manufacturer is the best way to get what you need. They can help you to select the right product, and they may offer custom options as well. A retaining wall system, for instance, may be available in different styles that can make the wall decorative as well as structural. In some cases, you may be working with a contractor to install larger items like this. Be sure to let them know you want to be involved in selecting the product if there are style options if you want a specific look or feel to the property.