Need A Welder For Your Shop? Consider These Different Concerns Before Hiring

If you are considering adding a welder to your staff part-time or as a regular employee, finding the right welding service provider is important. You will have to look at things like cost, experience, and availability when you are interviewing candidates. Talk with the staff to determine how many hours a week of welding work there will be and go from there.

Determine Your Welding Needs

Talk with both individual welders and welding service providers in your area to determine if you need to hire someone for your staff, or if you should be outsourcing the work you need completed to a service provider.

Advertise for Experienced Candidates

If you don't have an experienced welder on staff that can help train a beginner welder, then put in your requirements that the candidates have experience. Not only do you want to see proof and details of their work experience, but also references to contact.

Check Welding Methods and Preferred Techniques

There are different types and levels of licensing for welders, and different types of welding techniques that the welders will use. Here are the common practices the candidates will practice:

  • Stick Welding- a beginner-level welding technique to work with multiple types of materials
  • Tig Welding- tungsten inert gas welding is for those that are more advance, but an ideal option for high quality and precise welds.
  • Mig Welding- used to fuse to metals with direct current positive electrodes

Consider the space you have, the type of welding you need completed, and the materials around the welders to determine what type of experience you're looking for.

Negotiate a Trial Period

When interviewing welding professionals, you want to agree on a trial period. This can be a few months or even shorter. During this time you will see if they work as expected, if they fit in with the staff, and if they are going to do the long-term quality of work that is needed. If the trial period goes well, there should be room for negotiations on benefits and wages.

If you have a new need for welding in your shop and you aren't sure where to start, talk with a welding services company, and interview some individual clients. After a trial period, you may see that you don't need someone all day every day, or that you instead need to get more welders in the building for your needs. 

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