Tips For Businesses That Use Industrial Batteries

Industrial trojan batteries can represent a sizable investment on the part of your company. However, these batteries may be essential for powering the various tools and other devices that are necessary for your line of work. For many businesses, mistakes when it comes to using or storing batteries can lead to costly disruptions, malfunctions and other issues for the company.

Appreciate The Problems Posed By The Phenomenon Of Self-Discharge

It can be common for companies to need to store their batteries for fairly long periods of time before they are needed. Unfortunately, self-discharge can be an issue when storing batteries for long periods of time. This phenomenon occurs due to the chemicals that hold the battery's charge degrading over the storage period. As this occurs, the batteries will rapidly lose their charges, which can make them unsuitable for your uses. In order to minimize the issues this can cause, you should have any battery tested when it is removed from storage to be used so that you are confident it is holding an acceptable amount of charge.

Protect The Batteries While They Are Being Stored

Properly storing the batteries can help to reduce the amount of discharge that occurs. When storing the batteries, you will need to ensure that they are kept safe from heat, moisture and dust. Heat can cause the self-discharging to rapidly worsen. Moisture can corrode the battery, which can lead to it leaking or rupturing. Dust is a commonly overlooked issue, but dust on the battery can inhibit the flow of electricity from it. Taking steps to protect your stored batteries against these hazards can be essential if you are to minimize the costs of replacing dead batteries.

Understand The Importance Of Caring For The Terminals As Well As The Batteries

While properly caring for your batteries is one of the most important steps for extending their lifespan, it is important to note that it is also necessary for you to care for the terminals of the device that will be using the batteries. This will typically involve removing corrosion and limescale from these terminals on a regular basis. Otherwise, these substances could interfere with the power flow from the batteries, and this could cause the batteries to expend their energy much more quickly than normal. Prior to removing these substances from the terminals, you should ensure the device is fully powered down, and it is advisable to use rubber coated devices will cleaning these terminals to further reduce the risk of suffering an electrical shock.