5 Stages Of Architectural Services

Architects spend a lot of time and effort learning to design buildings that are safe, efficient, and beautiful to look at.

A lot of people don't have a comprehensive understanding of architectural services and the important role they play in modern construction. Learn more about the five essential stages of architectural services so that you will be prepared to take advantage of these services in the future.

1. Schematic Design

Schematic design is the initial stage in any architectural project. The architect and client will discuss any special features or functions a building should have during this phase. The primary goal of the schematic design stage is to establish the basic shape of the building and get a general feel for how the space will be used. An architect will often create simple sketches to help a client better understand their vision as part of the schematic design stage.

2. Design Development

Once a basic design has been agreed upon, the architect and client will begin to develop the design further. Design development is centered around the selection of materials and finishes that will be included in the construction of a building. The end result of design development is a series of architectural sketches that clearly define the interior and exterior design of the building. These sketches can be used to start obtaining construction permits.

3. Construction Document Creation

The construction document creation stage is what most people envision when thinking about architectural services. During this stage, an architect will use the drawings drafted during design development to create a series of construction documents. These documents include structural blueprints, as well as engineering design for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems that will be included in the building's final design.

4. Bidding

Architects can assist clients in evaluating potential contractors during the bidding stage of a project. One of the main responsibilities of an architect during the bidding stage is to ensure that each contractor submitting a bid for the project is reading the blueprints and other construction documents correctly. This will help to prevent any costly misunderstandings during the construction phase of a project.

5. Construction Observation

After a contractor has been selected, an architect will move into the construction observation stage of his or her services. Architects don't directly supervise the construction process but will visit the construction site from time to time to ensure that blueprints are being followed by the contractor. This type of professional observation can help identify contractor errors quickly to prevent serious deviations from the original design of a building. 

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