What Makes Military Cable Unique?

Wiring and cables help to transmit electronic signals, There are many different types of cable available for use on the market today, but military cable is a unique product. Companies that manufacture electronics for military use must utilize military cable within their production line.

Military cable differs from traditional wires and cabling in some important ways. Understanding what makes military cable unique will help you recognize the importance of ensuring your cabling is military grade in the future.

Military cable is extremely durable.

One of the most notable benefits that military cable can offer is its durability. Any item used by the military must be able to operate properly in the harshest of environments.

To ensure that this standard is met, the U.S. government has created a set of specifications that all military grade items must meet. These specifications add to the durability of military cable, ensuring that the electronic devices you manufacture will be able to withstand the test of time.

Military cable meets strict quality standards.

Because military cable must meet the specifications set forth by the government, you know that this type of cabling is a quality product. Some of the areas where strict specifications must be met include the material and construction of the cable, function thresholds, and durability in extreme environments.

These standards are much higher than the standards that apply to regular cable. If you are designing and manufacturing electronic devices that must be able to perform properly in any situation, then using military cable is your best option.

Military cable is used under the watchful eye of government agencies.

Traditional cable does not require any additional approval before being utilized in industrial applications. Military cable is subject to the scrutiny of government agencies for the duration of its life.

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) is responsible for helping to create the technical standards that apply to all military cable. Failure to meet the standards developed by NEMA can result in your electrical devices being rejected for military use.

The Qualified Products List (QPL) identifies materials that can be utilized in military applications without additional approval. Cable manufacturers submit their products to the government for rigorous testing. If a cable is listed on the QPL, you can confidently use that cable product in your manufacturing activities.

Military cable offers a unique set of benefits that traditional cable products cannot match. Take advantage of these benefits by using strictly military cable in your industrial and manufacturing processes in the future.