Problems You May Experience With an Industrial Air Compressor

When an industrial air compressor becomes problematic, it can cause a delay in some of the services that are offered to customers. If you have no clue as to whether or not you need a new air compressor, don't jump into purchasing a new one until the old one is examined by a repair technician. You can actually rent an air compressor until yours is repaired or replaced. Rental companies will usually have air compressors available in numerous models, so you should be able to get one that meets the needs of your business. This article covers some of the common things that can cause problems for an industrial air compressor.

Something Is Wrong With the Oil

You must understand that oil is one of the things that an industrial air compressor must have in order to properly function. Some of the internal parts of the compressor can become damaged when there is always an insufficient amount of oil in the compressor. If parts have become damaged due to such a reason, you will need to get them repaired. You should then get more oil placed inside of the piece of equipment. Contaminated oil can also cause problems, so you might need to get it drained and replaced.

There Are Electrical Problems in the Air Compressor

It is possible that your air compressor does not function right because there are electrical problems. The problems can stem from the equipment, or it might lie within the wiring in your warehouse. You might have malfunctioning circuit breakers that are not sending enough volts to the outlet that powers your compressor. Try using the compressor in a different outlet to see if the problem resolves. Hire a repair specialist to find out if the compressor has a damaged power cord or other electrical problems.

The Temperature in Your Building is the Problem

You might be keeping your building too hot for the air compressor to properly function. A compressor that overheats a lot is usually the result of an insufficient amount of air flowing through the parts. You might notice a burning odor if your compressor has been overheating. The equipment might also shut down within short periods of time due to the problem and should be repaired promptly if you don't want it to catch fire. Check out rental sites like to find an air compressor to use until yours has been repaired.