Water Jet Cutting Is Safe And Accurate

Water jet cutting is a very powerful way of cutting materials. It is a very precise method of cutting and is ecological as it only uses water pressure and an abrasive to function. Water jet cutting is a very safe and powerful tool that can be precisely programmed to make intricate cuts in many different materials. Here are some of the capabilities of a water jet cutter:

Water Jet Cutting Benefits:  Water jet cutters use high-speed water pressure and not heat to cut through materials. This makes water jet cutting very powerful and yet safe to use. Water jet cutters can be aimed at different angles at the material being cut so undercutting is possible. Various water jet nozzles of different dimensions can be used to make larger and smaller diameter cuts. 

Stone Cutting:  Water jets can precisely cut through different types of stone. The stone that can be cut varies from granite to sandstone. Intricate cuts can be made in stone and the cuts can be softly beveled to create a smooth and rounded edge. 

Ceramic and Glass Tile Cutting:  Water jets cutters can cut ceramic and glass tiles without cracking, chipping, or damaging the surface. The abrasive used in cutting ceramic and glass is easily removed after cutting and ceramic or glass has a smooth edge. 

Plastic Cutting:  Water jet cutters can cut through layers of plastic without damaging or changing the internal structure of the plastic. This capability makes it very useful in many industries where multiple parts of the same size and shape are needed. Plastic laminates with an inside core of wood or a composite material can also be accurately cut with a water jet cutter.

Leather Cutting:  Water jet cutters can cut through layers of leather without changing the color or surface of the material. After cutting, the leather is allowed to dry and can be used without softening or treating the leather. 

Rubber Cutting:  Water jet cutters can safely cut through thick rubber without melting or damaging it. After cutting, the rubber is brushed off or blown off to rid the surface of any residual abrasive. The cut rubber can then be used immediately. 

A water jet can be used by industrial manufacturers as well as artists and craftsmen. Contact a water jet cutter to find out how you can make use of these capabilities to cut many materials. Your job will be easier when you use a water jet cutter. 

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