3 Creative Ways To Implement Industrial Steel In Your Kitchen And Dinng Area

Some people are all about the traditional look in their kitchen, with rich wooden cabinetry and surfaces. However, if you are going for a more modern and contemporary appeal in your kitchen and dining area, it is all about metal surfaces--especially stainless steel. If you are in the process of revamping this space in your home, make sure you pay a visit to the local steel fabricator for some awesome home ideas. Here are a few ways you can implement industrial steel in your kitchen and dining area that will make all the difference. 

Install One-Piece Stainless Steel Countertops

One-piece stainless steel countertops are an incredibly functional component of any kitchen, with the sinks and counters all one piece. This is a common staple in commercial kitchens because of the durable and seamless design, which is easy to clean and maintain. However, even in a residential kitchen, a one-piece stainless steel countertop and sink works well and provides the same benefits. The stainless steel doesn't even have to be plain, as it can be stamped with textural designs right at the fabrication shop.

Implement Stainless Steel Cabinetry

You don't have to invest in completely new cabinetry if you already have wood and would prefer stainless steel. You can actually have your existing cabinetry re-faced with stainless steel sheeting and achieve the same effect. You can even mingle wood with stainless steel for a modern and contemporary-meets-traditional look that is hard to achieve otherwise. Everything from the inner shelves of the cabinetry to the door fronts can be coated with thin sheets of stainless steel to provide a totally new look.

Consider Stainless Steel Furnishings

Going all out with the modern industrial look in your kitchen and dining room also means looking differently about furnishing in the space. Your kitchen table could be swapped out for a stainless steel topped masterpiece that transforms the area into something that looks right out of a professional chef's kitchen. Chairs with stainless steel legs and support offer up a new design element and even small accent table that hold things like the microwave or coffee pot can be stainless to keep the theme ongoing throughout the area.

Before you head to the home improvement store during a kitchen and dining room remodel project, make sure you check with the local steel fabrication shop first. You may just find that making your space completely new and modern is more easy than you thought with the right craftsman on your side. 

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