Top 3 Fencing Materials For A Secure Perimeter

It's sometimes hard to feel secure these days, but a good fence is one of the best ways to achieve a little peace of mind on your own property. It gives you the ability to maintain a secure perimeter and maybe even provide a little privacy, too. But you want a fence that's going to last for years to come, one that won't fall over when the first blustery wind blows, and one that will keep out unwanted intruders. Here are the three best materials to consider when building a secure fence. (Remember, if you have an HOA, you'll want to check with them before building, as yours may have requirements for fencing materials.)  


You can't talk about fences without bringing up the most popular fencing material in the United States: red cedar. It's popular for a reason. Not only is it one of the most affordable materials available for fencing, but it's also one of the most durable if properly maintained. Cedar fencing can last anywhere from 15-40 years, depending on maintenance. This durability is partly due to its great natural strength, making it ideal for security. It also requires no chemical treatment, because it's naturally weather and rot resistant. Cedar is one of the most strikingly beautiful woods with its reddish hue, very few knots, and straight, fine grain pattern.   

Ornamental Iron

Ornamental iron is one of the best materials when it comes to security. Once installed, it's extremely sturdy and very difficult to breach, two reasons why many homeowners are willing to pay a little extra for this product. Ornamental iron, sometimes called wrought iron, is made very differently today than it was in the past. Modern ornamental iron is made of steel, a combination of both iron and carbon that's affordable, easy to work with, and extremely strong. However, what you gain in security you may lose a little in privacy. Even so, security experts suggest that it's much better to opt for fences that allow you to see what's on the other side. This way, there are no places for intruders to hide, and you'll have clear lines of sight all along your perimeter. 

Chain Link

Though not the most attractive option, chain-link fences have always been popular because they are inexpensive and secure. Like ornamental iron, they allow a homeowner to see through the fence, achieving clear lines of sight and deterring intruders from lurking. After all, deterring an intruder from ever making your home a target is always more effective than keeping out a determined thief. Chain-link fencing is made of galvanized or coated steel wire woven into a mesh, and that means it's extremely strong. At an average of $12-14 per linear foot, it's also inexpensive. You'll have to weigh the pros and cons when considering chain link.

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