Does Your Commercial Property Have Foundation Damage? What To Know

If the foundation of your commercial property is cracking because the backfill or soil around the property is having problems, there are some solutions that you want to look into to save the foundation. You want to know that your building won't face further types of structural damage, or that it won't affect the rest of the building, and that the property is safe. Here are some of the things you want to get quotes for as you start to look for a solution to the foundation problem, and when you want to see how much the repairs will cost.

New Backfill

See if a new backfill option will be enough to stabilize the foundation. This may mean that trenches or areas are dug deep into the ground around the foundation, and then filled with a different type of sand, stone or gravel than what is currently there. The backfill could have gotten moved away from the building over time, or it could have broken down from weathering.

Soil Grouting

The soil around the building can be grouted by professionals, which means it's mixed with water and chemicals to create cement. This will help to hold the soil in place around the building, and to support the foundation of the building, because the ground won't shift, move or overrode away. Talk with industrial soil grouting experts to see if this would be a good choice for your property.

Iron Frame

If you want to take the time and invest the money in an iron frame, you could have this constructed around the current foundation. This will be costly and it could take the most amount of time, but it would be a onetime fix for the flaws. This isn't the best option if you think renovations are in the future, or that the building isn't permanent.

If you plan on using the foundation for decades, it's worth investing the money into the foundation and getting the proper repairs completed. Cracks in the foundation, whether it's a slab or has concrete walls, can cause a collapse and other problems for the property. You don't want there to be any concerns for injury, property damage, or flaws that could cause complications for people that work or enter the building. Find out which solution will be the best for your property, and what will be the most cost-efficient way to get the task completed. Contact a service, like T. Luckey Sons, Inc., for more help.